The telecom and wireless industry is very competitive right now, possibly the most competitive in history. Many large companies merging with other large companies or even smaller companies. The fact is, the telecom industry is trying to cut costs and create bigger cash flows. Unfortunately, when they make changes it immediately effects those providing the labor and services. One way that the telecom companies can strengthen their bottom line is to go from net 30 to net 60 or even net 90. This allows them to sit on accounts payable for another 90 to 60 days.  The consequence is that many vendors, clients or service providers can’t pay their payroll and other bills if they are waiting 90 days to get paid. This is where Miledas factoring comes into play. We know that the most important part of any business is cash flow. Without cash flow a business will not survive. Miledas has a “solution” to help any business get through the hard times. No doubt many will bring their own so-called solutions but just compare funding times, advance rates and the money rate and it is easy to see what is best for your business. It is not difficult to do the math.          

At Miledas we factor your needs before factoring your invoices.

  1. We give you a way to stay ahead of the net 90. We will provide funding early in the invoice approval process and we will customize your factoring so that you can have the cash flow to take care of your employees and other obligations of your business.
  2. Almost always we fund 10 to 15 days earlier than other factoring companies. It all comes down to be able to fund as soon as possible which will allow you to start your next job and put that money to work quicker so that your costs will go down. No down time means your subs are out making money immediately.
  3. You are able to get the best subs out in the market. Subs will come knocking at your door when the word is out you are able to pay your subs every 14 days and then don’t have to wait. The savings by keeping your current subs happy will reduce labor cost. Your subs will absolutely love it.
  4. Having you funded immediately will also allow you to pay your vendors on time or ahead of schedule. This allows you more time to work on the efficiencies of your subs and the job at hand.
There are many reasons why Miledas is the favorite- lender among contractors. The bottom line is that we have several years of experience and by the use of modern technology, Miledas can help you in your back office. Try us today and we will show you how to compete with the current  trends in the Telecom space and how to grow your company quickly.