Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate is moving quickly in most parts of the United States. Rather a Realtor/Broker is in a bear market or bull market, there may be a need to get an advance on the commissions earned. Miledas is happy to announce that effective immediately we will be advancing or factoring real estate commissions. A busy realtor often has the need to spend marketing dollars or other costs of doing real estate but because most are on commission only sometimes those expenses don’t line up with the commissions earned. Miledas has a solution. Miledas will have the realtor and the broker read through a simple contract. The contract states that Miledas will be advancing a percentage of funds against a particular realtor’s commissions. It is expected that Miledas will be paid out of closing proceeds that normally would go to the Realtor. The broker will guarantee that if the closing falls through that Miledas will stay in place until that home is again sold and closed, or if the selling agent, then another home or future contract will fill the failed contract until Miledas is paid in full. Due diligence will be done on the Broker and Realtor prior, but the transaction will be underwritten within 24 hours. Funding can occur the same day if the Realtor and Broker are prepared to move quickly. This allows the Broker to collect fees from Realtor such as desk fees and admin fees, so that the Broker benefits as well. The process is simple, the interest is small and the convenience factor for the Realtor can help any and all Realtors continue focusing on selling without worrying about when they will get paid commissions.