What is Manufacturing Factoring?

When payments take weeks or months to arrive, even the most successful manufacturing company has difficulty meeting their expenses. Rather than settling for cash flow instability and stunted growth, start factoring your accounts receivable and enjoy a positive cashflow.

The Benefits of Working with Manufacturing Factoring Companies unlike your local traditional bank, your company can immediately begin enjoying the benefits. Don’t wait 60 to 90 days for payments. Instead, receive as much as 95 percent of your invoice value within 24 hours of invoice submission without creating new debt on your balance sheet!

A manufacturing factoring company will purchase your unpaid invoices for delivered product and advance you 80 to 95 percent of their value up front. Unlike a loan, invoice factoring for manufacturing merely converts your existing receivables into cash that you can use to cover your operating expenses. Manufacturing factoring is a business-friendly process. You can fax or email copies of your open invoices and the factor will deposit funds directly into your account, eliminating the wait for mail delivery or the cost of overnight shipping. Thanks to factoring receivables, you can use your increased working capital to cover every day operating expenses, as well as more substantial investments, to grow your manufacturing business. There are no restrictions or limits to how you can apply your cash, and your funding potential increases with your sales – without a new application!