Those at Whitmore Financial has a history with Oilfield Services.   With our background in banking we understand the challenges of getting bank financing and the benefits of factoring.  We know you need working capital fast, whether for equipment, fuel, or just to get your employees paid. Whitmore Financial can evaluate your company needs and provide you with a solution to grow without leverage.  We are uniquely set-up to efficiently manage your back-office and collection needs so that you are focused on growing your company.

What We Offer

We factor a wide range of Oilfield Services Companies.  Included but not limited to companies that provide infrastructure construction, rig/site preparation, disposal, sand, water haulers and pipeline services:

  • Same-day funding from copies: Turn invoices into cash immediately!
  • High advance Rate: Advance up to 95%!
  • Ability to quickly expand factoring lines as your company’s needs grow
  • Debtor Credit checks and Collection services
  • Customer Account Portal for simple 24/7 account access/monitoring
  • Miledas and their team will work with you to manage seasonality (ups and downs)

We are here to factor your company so that you can put to work your flatbeds, vacuum trucks, belly dumps and pulling units. Maintaining solid cash flow is crucial in growing your business so that you can keep up with the demands of the oil & gas industry.  With same day payment, we are here to get you the money you are owed faster.

In addition to factoring, we offer a flexible array of alternative funding options to assist you with additional investment needs that may arise.  We understand the value and need of being able to quickly finance equipment for your business —unlike banks—and can offer financing package that will fit your company’s needs.