Ultimate Home-Based Franchise

Factoring is a unique means for small and medium sized businesses to access liquidity that may be currently tied up in accounts receivable. Miledas Franchise Owners (franchisees) purchase credit-worthy insured receivables and advances from their clients at up to 85% of their value. Miledas then collects the funds from the debtor and transfers the remaining balance to the client, less applicable fees.

Factoring is an alternative form of financing ideally suited to growing enterprises that do not have a long and established financial relationship with a bank, or suitable assets available for use as collateral. In financial circles, there is a popular saying that banks will “only lend you money when you don’t need it”. That’s because banks operate on a covenant-based financing model that focuses predominantly on a company’s financial history and existing balance sheet. In doing so, they favor companies with strong fundamentals that may not need the funding in the first place.
Think of a growing business as you would driving a car. Major banks tend to look in the rearview mirror, to see where the company has been – its historical performance. By comparison, factoring is all about looking forward through the windshield, to see where the business is going, and all the opportunities available on the road ahead. At Miledas, we look at where the business is going and offer the liquidity needed to help get the business there faster.

Like an inheritance from a long-lost relative, factoring is the financial option that many businesses didn’t know they had. Factoring helps clients access cash immediately to ease their short-term financing needs, rather than waiting the 30-90 days to collect their receivables. Miledas also provides credit assessment, collection, and 24-7 access to all reports.
As a Miledas Owner (franchisee), you are a self-directed owner/operator conducting your business within the framework of an established international network. You buy into a proven business model and you benefit from Miledas’ many years of financing experience, as well as its class-leading support and other resources. Above all, you have the opportunity to collaborate with a corporate team of highly skilled factoring specialists.

Our Owners are independent business people who understand that optimal business growth is based on the ability to communicate, market and sell the Miledas solution. Owners take the initiative to respond to the competitive nature of the marketplace, and perpetuate a spirit of business excellence. In essence, your role as a Owner engages you as both financier and financial solutions provider. You have the means to deliver funding to your clients, with support from Miledas.

As a Miledas Owner, you will discover a new way to help fellow entrepreneurs who have the capacity to grow their business, but may be lacking the short term funds to do so. You will create an entrepreneurial climate that can deliver long-term security, business independence and personal freedom – for yourself and your clients.

Experience the freedom and independence that being a Miledas Owner can bring:
• Home-based, with great work-life balance
• Business-to-business relationship building
• Financial solutions industry
• No inventory, no employees
• State-of-the-art training and support program
• Recurring revenue streams
• Access to up to 6 times your available capital
• Unmatched, world class back-office and due diligence support
• Participation in a rapidly growing industry
• Dynamic alternative to the conservative credit market
• Strong mentoring program by factoring professionals

Discover an exciting alternative to traditional franchise ownership. Bring your entrepreneurship and let Miledas deliver the ultimate balance of business independence and personal freedom. Become a Miledas Owner.